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Flash Aligner are completely transparent and smooth aligners, made with the best medical plastic material available and hand-finished by professionals with twenty years of experience in orthodontics.

They are modeled on the impressions of dental arches and developed to adhere to them perfectly, at the same time exerting micro-solicitations that allow teeth to move and align. This is possible because the aligners differ from the dentition by a few fractions of millimeter. It is therefore not unusual to feel a slight discomfort when wearing a new aligner, which disappears after a few days, a sign that the aligner is effectively working. The perfect adherence will be achieved at the end of the course of treatment with the aligner and the patient will be allowed moving on to the next one.

This gradual repositioning work transforms your smile naturally and delicately.


The number of aligners and the duration of the treatment depend on the extent of the movements to be carried out. On average, the treatment can last from 3 months for easy cases, up to 18 months for complex ones. For each case, it is possible to agree upon personalized delivery times with the orthodontist, dividing the set of aligners in a few rounds. This is a tendency in the most problematic cases, which need greater attention, thus a prompt correction is possible in case of problems.

The dental impression of both arches is taken and delivered to the drafting and production center, along with the orthodontist's indications.

Through a dedicated software, the obtained 3D model is used to simulate the movements the teeth will carry out, in order to reach the perfect alignment.

Once the doctor's approval is received and following any requested modifications, the customized aligners are produced.


  • The aligners are transparent and are hardly noticeable.

  • They are removable and it is possible to maintain one's daily habits.

  • They do not alter phonetics.

  • They are hypoallergenic, do not cause irritations to gums nor pain.