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Consultation With Your Orthodontist

Consult with an orthodontist to review your treatment options. After an initial diagnosis and a thorough review of your options, you and your orthodontist can determine whether the i Lingual 3D System is right for you. To proceed with your invisible orthodontic treatment, a set of records will be taken and sent to the laboratory . After a few weeks of production, your digitally customized solution is sent to your orthodontist for your initial bonding appointment.


i Lingual 3D - Cutting edge technology of CAD/CAM techniques and the optimization of modern orthodontic methods working for you.

Totally Invisible

Show the world your smile, not your braces. The I LINGUAL appliance is placed behind your teeth,so no one knows you are wearing braces but you.

Customized Smile Design

Digital scan of your teeth is used to create a Virtual 3D setup which optimises tooth position to provide the perfect occlusion and smile as per your requirements and the instructions from your orthodontist.

Fully Programmed Appliance

Based on the set up a fully customized appliance is fabricated virtually using a software and the same is manufactured using high end rapid prototyping and processing procedures to create a custom appliance just for you.Arch wires are preformed and provided as planned.

Comfortable & Well Adapted

The I LINGUAL 3d appliance designed to be small, smooth and as close as possible to your tooth surface which helps you adapt quickly and comfortably to your orthodontic treatment.

Fewer Archwire Changes

Since the appliance is fully programmed with the end result in mind it requires fewer arch wire changes and thus lesser visits to your orthodontist.

Better Finishing

A completely well planned approach from the beginning in association with your orthodontist resulting in a superior customised appliance gives better finishing.


The process of creating your new smile begins with a highly accurate 3D image of your teeth. Using CAD/CAM technologies, the laboratory generates a digitally customized treatment simulation of your desired smile as well as a customized solution engineered to seamlessly form to the shape and contour of each tooth. Preformed arch wires are produced " all resulting in the very highest level of orthodontic precision and accuracy in tooth correction " delivering the ultimate aesthetic solution just for you.
Efficiency and accuracy is built into every component of the I LINGUAL System. The bonding appointment begins with a preparation of the tooth surface. Unlike traditional bonding where braces are attached to the teeth one at a time, the I LINGUAL System uses an advanced tray system for delivering the entire set of braces all at once. The advantage of this unique bonding method is a dramatic reduction in chair time for you and the assurance for your orthodontist that the braces are placed in their ideal position, which determines the final position of your teeth at the end of treatment.