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K Line Aligners are one of the most well-known clear aligners in the dental market. Clear aligners must be a familiar search topic for individuals seeking to straighten their teeth, improve their smiles and enhance their facial appearance with minimally invasive, time-saving and cost-effective procedures. Meanwhile, it is one very interesting topic for most dental practitioners.

Orthodontics, a discipline in dentistry that needed extensive research and proper specialization, has become much easier in planning, fabrication and applying with minimal steps and great outcome. Clear aligners are removable sets of plastic trays fitted on the upper and lower teeth and kept in place for almost 20 hours a day for several weeks (each worn for one week). Although that might sound a bit annoying, all patients who underwent this procedure had reported very insignificant deleterious effect on appearance, interference with eating or drinking, nor with speech. Each set of aligners is substituted nearly every week by another set in a manner that facilitates a programmed tooth movement.

Clear aligners are perfect alternative for braces in many cases and needs a dentist or an orthodontist with some knowledge of clear aligners to assess the case and fit them on.

The dentist usually takes impressions (negative replica of the teeth) and sends them to the laboratory which starts the 3D computer-aided designing/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of the transparent trays (clear aligners). Then, the dentist fits the first set of aligners on the patient's teeth and gives instructions of use, eating and drinking habits, cleaning the aligners, sequence of aligners' fitting and potential outcomes.

K Line Aligners are made of bio compatible, transparent, flexible and rigid plastic material that allows for superior esthetic features and possesses reasonable strength to make the desired tooth movement. Furthermore, the 3D printing technology gives a variety of options for designing the required tooth movement and fabricating the aligners that carry out each movement.